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For the OPC, financial transparency is a fundamental value.

The OPC can guarantee its rigorous management which reassures donors, individuals and businesses that they can support us in the knowledge of where their donation is going and how it is being used :

- The accounts are certified by a government auditor ;
- The accounts are set up by an independent accounting firm ;

- Rigorous Management :
Approved organisations are committed to using management methods aimed at optimising the allocation of funds by putting in place controls and procedures at every level. Suppliers must be chosen based on professional criteria and after competitive assessment.

- Impeccable communication and fund-raising :
An approved organisation must clearly state what it is doing or what it plans to do and fully uphold its commitments. It must respect legislative rules and provisions, particularly those relating to computer files and appeals for charitable donations. As part of its social purpose it must allocate funds according to the wishes of the donor.

- Absolute financial transparency with respect to charitable donors :
Organisations approved by the Comité de la Charte must have their accounting records annually certified by a government auditor. Each year they must publish their balance sheets and their resources accounts for their donors, compare them to previous years and provide clear and honest comments.

As an approved organisation, the OPC can therefore put the Comité de la Charte logo on its appeals for charitable donations from the public.

For the OPC’s annual reports : click here

For the report of activities : click here

Why support us ?

By supporting the OPC you will be contributing to a sustainable approach to the prevention of blindness and providing concrete help to save the sight of millions of people each year. If you live in France, you will also benefit from tax advantages.

Financial transparency is one of the fundamental values of the OPC. Rigorous management is guaranteed and allows every donor to support us with complete assurance of the destination and good use of their donation.
- The OPC is registered with the Comité de la Charte, the French Chartered Committee for donating in confidence, which requires impartial, transparent and rigorous management. Find out more about the Comité de la Charte.
- Our accounts are certified. Find out more.
- Our results are verified and recognised. Find out more.

Make a donation

What does your donation do ?

- 5€ enables a trachoma patient to have an operation ;
- 15€ protects 150 people from contracting river blindness ;
- 25€ makes it possible to operate on 1 cataract patient.

How much will your donation cost you ?

Your donation will allow you to benefit from a reduction in tax equal to 66% of its total amount (see article 200 of the general tax code at the bottom of the page).

Your donation is Deduction from your taxes Your donation actually costs you just
15 € 10 € 5 €
50 € 33 € 17 €
75 € 50 € 25 €
100 € 66 € 34 €

Please note that tax deductions are only available to residents of France.

Donating online to the OPC

- Secure online payment Hipay ;
- Personal details treated with confidentiality ;
- Data encryption ;
- Anti-phishing protection.

For more details on our secure payment solution click here

Make a regular online donation by direct debit

Donations by direct debit are safer, more practical, flexible and economical.

Advantages of direct debits for you :

  • Your support for the OPC is spread throughout the year and there are no postage fees ;
  • You will not receive junk mail ;
  • You choose how often you pay ; be it monthly, quarterly, twice yearly, annually ;
  • You can discontinue the direct debit at any moment by simply sending a letter or e-mail ;
  • You will receive just one receipt per year, recapitulating all your donations ;
  • With direct debit, you will also benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the total amount of your support, within the limit of 20% of your taxable net income. (Please note that tax reductions are only available to residents of France).

    You will enable the OPC to save on handling fees :

  • We can reduce our postage costs ;
  • It’s easier for us to process your donation ;
  • Thanks to these savings, we have more resources to make charitable acts on your behalf ;
  • We will know the sum of your support in advance, allowing us to take this into account when planning future programmes.

Please print, fill in and send the direct debit form (download) accompanied by a RIB to the following address :
Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité - 17, Villa d’Alésia - 75014 Paris, FRANCE

Make a one-off donation to the OPC

Please print, complete and send the direct debit form (download) with your cheque to the following address :
Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité - 17, Villa d’Alésia - 75014 Paris, FRANCE

Add the OPC as a beneficiary to your life insurance.

When you take out a life insurance policy, you can simply add the OPC as either the sole beneficiary, or one of the beneficiaries in the contract. If you have already taken out a life insurance policy, you can easily make an amendment by appointing the OPC as a total or partial beneficiary. You can also take out a second life insurance policy.

The life insurance policy may include multiple beneficiaries and be amended at any time. In all cases, it is important to specify the name and address of the recipient.

Article 200 of the General Tax Code

"If you are taxed, your donations and sponsorships will allow you to benefit from a reduction in income tax equal to 66% of its value within 20% of your taxable income. When the donations and payments exceed the 20% limit, the excess is carried forward to the following year up until the 5th consecutive year and gives rise to the tax reduction under the same conditions."

Your donation is recorded in a comport database, for this reason please read the Data Protection Act below.

The Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act 6/1/78

This allows you to exercise your right to access, modify and delete your personal data by contacting our headquarters. If you do not want to receive offers from other associations just write to us with your full name and address.