Union of Comoros

Mr Affane Soifaoui, OPC representative in Comoros, recalls the OPC’s contribution of expertise to public eye health.

Work commenced : 1997
Nature of work : -Creation and support of the programme for Blindness Control
- Putting in place of a mobile eye surgery unit (UMCO)
- Training of nurses specialising in ophthalmology (ISOs) (our ISO/TSO training programmes)
Achievements 2012 -Support the programme for the fight against blindness (PNLC) in the ophthalmology department in the hospital in El-Maarouf and the mobile eye surgery unit
- Support for the ophthalmology centre (across the PNLC) in Mitsamiouli.
- Screening activities for cataracts in Anjouan and Moheli
- 4,500 ophthalmology consultations
- 850 cataract operations