The OPC website has been optimised

Thanks to the donation in kind of Laurence Perier, web developer and project manager at Créatives du Web, the OPC’s site has totally evolved: English translation, subscription to the newsletter, search engine, RSS feed, links to our social network profiles, etc. The website has also become accessible to all, regardless of the equipment, software, network infrastructure, French or English mother tongue, culture, geographical location, or the physical and mental abilities of the user.

Some examples:
- Contrast between background colour and the colour of the text has been optimised for visually impaired and colour blind people.
- Introduction of navigation links to make it easier to navigate the site using the keyboard.
- New A+ A- buttons to increase the size of the text up to six times.
- Seperation of formatting and content: the screen readers used by visually impaired and blind people can read aloud the essential information without being inconvenienced by unnecessary graphics.

We wholeheartedly thank Laurence Perrier for the generous partnership which has enhanced, and will continue to enhance, our site. We thank her also for the quality of her work, her perseverance and her selfless commitment, and we invite you to discover her web designs,, as well as her Facebook page, which you can become a fan of by clicking here.