Work commenced : 2005
Nature of work : -Training of TSOs (our ISO/TSO training programmes)
- Improving research and teaching skills throughout the nation
Partners : -SightFirst
- Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey
- French Society of Ophthalmology
Previous Achievements : -TSOs, 12 students
- Seminar on healthcare education - 19 participants
- Seminars on research methodology and epidemiology - 15 participants
- The country has now sufficient ophthalmic human resources for the implementation phase consisting of comprehensive eye care programmes, in consultation with the national blindness prevention programme.
2014 Targets : - Creation of an optical workshop
- Further training (in diagnosis, optical correction, glasses assembly)
- Provision of consumables and glasses
- Correction of refractive errors amongst 5,040 patients and distribution of 1,680 pairs of glasses
- Ocular health awareness-raising
- Fight preventable visual deficiencies and their consequences (social insecurity, exclusion, academic failure)