Moh! Kayouté

Moh ! Kouyaté
Musician, singer, guitarist

"In my country, like so many others, people often do not have access to basic medical care, much less specialised treatment! The OPC is dedicated to projects which allow access to ocular care in the most remote regions of the world, providing and training others to reach an autonomous local structure. Give to the OPC! It is they who make this projects happen and above all help those most in need to preserve a precious thing : the sight of the world."


Moh! Kouyaté was born in Conakry in Guinea. Coming from a long line of girots (West African storytellers and singers), his childhood was full of music.
His life as an artist began when he was 7 years old, stemming from his father and uncles who accompanied baptisms, marriages and doudoumba (street parties) with the balafon. One day, after secretly borrowing his father’s guitar, he broke one of its strings. He waited for the eruption...

As a gifted guitarist of his generation, many pointed him towards the opportunity to play with Sekou Diabaté, the incredible Bembeya Jazz musician. He went on to make and play music with Ba Cissoko or Sia Tolno and form his band, Conakry Cocktail, with which he set Conakry on fire. In 2004, he met Corey Harris, the great American blues musician (see "From Mississippi to Mali" by Martin Scorcese).

Harris was taken with Moh!, and in 2006 invited him to tour around the United States, and a second tour in Europe followed. In 2007 Moh! moved to France. Curious about everything, he won’t stop travelling to meet and share with his peers.

With this mantra, he will enjoy collaborations with a variety of artists such as Antoine Hervé (Director of the National Jazz Orchestra between 1987-1989), Tony Allen, Habib Koïté, Donso, Fatoumata Diawara, with whom he has collaborated on the production of his album Fatou (World Circuit), or also Mariama.

As a modern day girot playing blues guitar, sometimes rock, his style takes its roots in the traditional mandingue rhythms. A seasoned blues artist and trained in jazz techniques, it is with great happiness that he adventures through music.
With his quintet (bass, drums, guitar and percussion) Moh! makes a bridge between cultures, countries, genres and generations.

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