Mikelangelo Loconte

Mikelangelo Loconte
Singer, songwriter, performer and artistic director. Role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Mozart, rock opera


Mikelangelo Loconte

Michele Loconte, born 5th December 1973 in Cerignola, Foggia province, Pouilles, Italy. He is a singer as well as a writer, composer, performer and artistic director. He is particularly known for his interpretation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the French theatre production Mozart, l’opéra rock (’Mozart, the rock opera).

Since a young age, Mikelangelo Loconte has been involved in television programmes and stage shows. At the age of 21, he met the singer Rita Pavone and won the national prize at the Castrocaro Music Festival, which highlights exciting young talent.

He started out in France as an actor and took part in the musical comedy project “Les Nouveaux Nomades” by Claude Barzotti. Being not yet completely fluent in French, he records all of his songs in the studio with the help of phonetic writing. In the end the project didn’t make it into production.

Mikelangelo Loconte on stage during a performance of Mozart, l’opéra rock.

For nine years Mikelangelo lived and worked in Liège, Belgium. Whilst there he was discovered by Alec Mansion. A competent multi-instrumentalist (piano, clavier, guitar, drums and percussions), he started to arrange songs for Belgian singers. He appeared in shows around the world, as far away as Brazil.

He played the role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the French musical comedy, Mozart, l’opéra rock during a two and a half year run from 2009 to 10th July 2011. The show was produced by Dove Attia and Albert Cohen, and its success in France, Belgium and Switzerland, led to him becoming well-known amongst the general public. His first single “Tatoue-moi”, a song taken from the musical, went to number one in the French charts in January 2009.

With the cast of Mozart, l’opéra rock, he won three awards at the French NRJ Music Awards. The musical’s album was diamond-certified in France, with more than 560,000 album sales, making it the best selling album in France between July and December 2009.

In 2009 Mikelangelo Loconte was named "Liégois de l’année" in the culture category.

He is regularly involved in charity musical events (often to the benefit of children) such as “Une Nuit à Makala” with numerous artists, for the charity “Les voix de l’enfant” (’Voices of children’) with the single “Je reprends ma route” in 2013 and with the artists’ collective Les grandes voix des comédies musicales he sang on the single "Un faux départ," (notably along with Renaud Hanston, Pablo Villafranca and Lââm) in aid of hospitalized children.

He was selected to be part of the French jury for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest along with Armande Altai.

In 2013, he released two cover songs (in February and October) whilst on a two-week tour with the cast of Mozart, l’opéra rock around Eastern Europe (Russia & Ukraine). He is involved in the musical project “Dolly Bibble”, a retelling of the Bible aimed at children and in which he voices Adam, the ’first man.’

He continues to reprise his role in Mozart, l’opéra rock, which tours from September 2014 in France, Switzerland and Belgium accompanied by a symphonic orchestra from Kiev. Originally planned for the spring 2014, it was postponed following events in Ukraine

Mozart, l’opéra rock

The singer is best known for his role as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the musical comedy. He performs the following songs :
- Le Trublion
- Tatoue-moi
- Je dors sur des Roses
- Place, je passe
- L’Opéra
- Vivre à en crever avec Florent Mothe
- Je danse avec les dieux
- Le Carnivore
- C’est bientôt la fin

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