The Founding Fathers

M. Christian Chauvet

Through the initiative of Mr Christian Monnier (pictured in the photo to the left), a man of conviction and commitment, OPC (Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité/Organisation for the Prevention of Blindness) was born in 1978. At his side were Mr Pierre Aubé, Professor André Dubois-Poulsen and Professor Louis Guillaumat (pictured from left to right in the photo below) who were his first partners.

De gauche à droite : Pr-André-Dubois-Poulsen,-M.-Pierre-Aubé,-Pr-Jean-Langlois

The Doctor, Marcel Chovet, helped OPC benefit from his deep knowledge of tropical diseases and Africa. Since then, OPC has continued to become worthy of his legacy.

Key Dates

1978 Creation of OPC by Christian Monnier, Pierre Aubé and Professor André Dubouis-Poulsen
1980 - Creation of the first programme dedicated to eye care services in the Republic of Mali
- Launch of an eye care services programme in Tambacounda, Senegal
- Outset of the first programme to combat blindness in Burkina Faso
1983 OPC becomes a registered charity (by decree of 05/12/1983)
1991 Start of the campaign to treat onchocerciasis in West Africa under the lead of Dr Chovet
1996 Opening of the Regional Office for West Africa (BRAO) in Bamako, Mali
1997 Professor Pouliquen begins his 12 years as President of OPC
- OPC strengthens its efforts in the fight against river blindness and trachoma in West Africa and develops sustainable technical support for the treatment of cataracts
- OPC becomes a development partner in solidarity with the Ministers of Health in multiple Francophone African countries
2000 The OPC is recognised as an association in an official working relationship with the World Health Organization (a relationship that is still in effect)
2003 Creation of:
- A network of assistance for eye care workers to alleviate professional isolation;
- A training division.
2004 First francophone public health course in ophthalmology is offered in Rabat, Morocco
2006 Strengthening of promotional activities regarding the prevention of (diabetic retinopathy).
- Establishment of referral networks dedicated to low vision in Ile-de-France
2009 Creation of a communication division
2010 Nathalie Brunet becomes the President of OPC
- OPC advances its mission in Francophone Africa, Haiti, and Moldova as well as in France
2011 Professor Serge Resnikoff becomes the President of OPC
2015 Opening of the Regional Office for Central Africa (BRAC)