Hélène Perchepied’s Assignment Report

Refraction Training in the Islamic Republic of Comoros - July 2010

The aim of refraction training is to allow students to participate in eye exams. It builds on the foundation of my previous training programme in January. Mariama, Zakharia, Salim, Ayfaidine, Zaharia and Izzou once again demonstrate how curious and eager they are to learn, not hesitating to seek volunteers for practical cases.

We alternate theory classes in the morning with practical classes in the afternoon at the Department of Ophthalmology at the Hospital of El Marouff. The results are exemplary with an average of 15 in their final exam.

The last phase of the mission : to find a suitable location for the workshop, donated by the University and School of Medicine. It suits the needs in terms of location and practicality.

The next step for OPC is to open an optical workshop in the Comoros in 2011 opening soon. I would like to thank ASNAV (Association Nationale pour l’Amélioration de la Vue – the National Association for the Improvement of Sight) which through its generous financial support, has made all this work in the Comoros possible.