Work commenced : 1993
Nature of work : Implementation of a comprehensive eye care system
Geographical areas concerned : Kankan, Faranah, Nzérékoré
Partners : -Foundation : Mectizan donation program
- SightFirst
Achievements to date : - 24,000 ophthalmic consultations have taken place in three eye care centres supported by the OPC (Kankan, Siguiri, Macenta). Grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation.
- 3,990 operations (cataract and trichiasis)
- 2 year grant agreement with the Lions Club International Foundation to support primary and secondary eye health care and advanced and mobile cataract surgery in the regions of Kankan, N’Zérékoré and Faranah
- Diabetic retinopathy control (training of health personnel, awareness campaigns)
- Successful launch into the first year of SOT training at Donka hospital
- Onchocerciasis control : good progress continues to be made through the framework of national control programmes, where, following the initial training provided by the OPC, the work of village agents allows to approximately 1.4 million people to be protected
Aims : - Continue to try to strengthen eye care units in the regions of Kankan, N’Zérékoré and Faranah.
- Train those who perform trichiasis operations as part of a joint project with the support of Sightsavers International.
- Create an optical workshop :

  • train staff (screening, optical correction, assembling glasses)
  • supply glasses and other items
  • correct the refractive errors of 5,040 patients and supply 1,680 pairs of glasses
  • encourage awareness for ocular health
  • fight against avoidable visual deficiencies and their consequences (lack of security, exclusion, academic failure)