Work commenced : 1997
Nature of work : -The setup of a mobile eye surgery unit (UMCO)
- Medico-technical support for the Mongo Regional Hospital
- Training of specialist ophthalmic nurses (through our ISO and TSO training programmes)
Partners : -Agence française pour le développement
- Sightsavers
Achievements 2013 : - Medical and technical support to the hospitals in Moundou and Mongo, and to the ophthalmologic service at the National General Referral Hospital
- Signature of the national trachoma control plan drawn up by the Republic of Chad’s Ministry of Health with technical input from the OPC
- Procurement of financing from Sightsavers for a pilot project comprising surgery and antibiotic distribution in the Guéra region in the Mongo health region
- Validation of epidemiological prevalence surveys of trachoma carried out in nine regions of the country between 2001 and 2005
- Chad receives support from the UK’s Department for International Development, to finish mapping trachoma in the country and to put in place a national trachoma elimination program me
Aims : -Continue giving medical and technical support to the hospitals in Moundou and Mongo and the ophthalmologic service at the national general referral hospital in N’Djamena
- Implementation of pilot project in Guéra region, Mongo health district
- Continue partnerships with the charities Poitiers Moundou and Main secourable
- Reinforcement of partnerships with CBM and Sightsavers
- Arrange a joint visit by OPC and Sightsavers
- Installation of a glasses assembly workshop