Become a patron or a sponsor

Why support us ?

In establishing a partnership with the OPC :

  • You would be supporting a sustainable approach to the prevention of blindness and visual impairment ;
  • You would be following a socially responsible approach (CSR) ;
  • You could improve your image by spreading the word about your support for us and your humanitarian values ;
  • You could use the OPC’s image in your communication media in order to demonstrate our partnership and to associate your actions with the positive image of our NGO ;
  • You could demonstrate your capacity for innovation and take up a community challenge ;
  • The name of your business can be quoted in the OPC’s communication (such as in conferences, conventions, events), and on our website and printed supports ;
  • You unite your collaborators, partners, and clients for concrete, sustained projects which you can report on= ;
  • If your business is based in France, you will receive tax benefits.

The OPC is committed to keeping you informed of where your money goes and exactly who benefits from your donation.

Our guarantees

Financial transparency is one of the fundamental values of the OPC. Rigorous management is guaranteed and allows every donor to support us with complete assurance of the destination and good use of their donation.
- Our accounts are certified. To find out more click here.
- Our results are verified and recognised. To find out more click here.

Your tax advantages. Article 238bis of the first General Tax Code

"You can benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the value of your donations up to 0.5% of your net sales. Beyond 0.5% or in case of a fiscal deficit, it is possible to postpone the payment for the following 5 years, up to a maximum of 0.5% for total payments."
Please remember that these tax deductions are only applicable to businesses based in France.

How much will your donation actually cost you ?

Your donation Tax deduction What you actually pay
500 € 300 € 200 €
750 € 450 € 300 €
1000 € 600 € 400 €